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Hi everyone, my name is Daniel!

Back at the end of 2014 I had a silly little idea to take and curate photos that churches can use in their designs and make them available for FREE.

Since then the site has grown beyond my wildest dreams. It serves up thousands of downloads a day and has been used by believers all over the world… (literally over 175 countries!)

I have a real heart to keep the project going and growing!
But I need your help…

There are a bunch of ideas in my notebook to make the site an even better resource, more usable, searchable, social, with professional photo shoots (Freely Shoots) and also ad-free… the list goes on but will always revolve around the content being FREE.

To do this I need your help, becoming a regular supporter will mean I can invest in new technical aspects of the project as well as spend the time needed to make it all happen.

If you love what Freely is about, I’d be so humbled if you’d partner with me in this “silly little idea”!

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